MC90 mCCR – Dive buddy perspective

This past Tuesday, I dove with Andrew and the new UTD MC90 mCCR.

Since its announcement to the world, it’s caused more than a few amusing posts on Internet forums. The comments ranged from interested, to wait and see, to let’s give the MC90 a chance, to WTF are these guys thinking.

Like any configuration, I assume that it has its plus and minuses. And for what it’s designed for, I bet it meets its needs. Since I don’t do deep expedition in remote locations, I’m not the best judge of success. However, there are a few aspects of the MC90 that I do appreciate:

  • Similar protocols to OC – I like the similarities of handling issues from OOG to rock bottom. I’m sure the consistency is nice for those who dive both rebreathers and OC, but I also like it for the ability to dive in mixed teams. I don’t want to miss a dive because I don’t have a rebreather.
  • Gas extension – Not unique to the MC90, but I’ve always been fascinated by the recycling aspects of rebreathers. Lower gas usage and lower costs (in the long run) are intriguing.
  • Variable P02 set points – Hadn’t thought about this till we spoke about rebreathers on the drive down to Monterey. Current models and decompression schedules are based on changes in pressure and the P02 of the gases breathed at specific depths. The ability to change P02 at any depth opens up a lot of possibilities for decompression diving.

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