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Diving doubles with a Compact Car

Over the past 4 years, we have rented a variety of cars in the Yucatan. They range from a minivan to a compact car. My favorite is probably a VW Pointer Station Wagon from Easy Way Car Rental.

On a couple occasions, we have rented a Dodge Attitude from Hertz.

The trunk is roomy for a compact car, and can accommodate 4 sets of doubles, 2 people’s soft gear bags, and wetsuit/drysuits.

Dodge Attitude trunk with doubles

The benefit of putting all the gear in the trunk is obvious after a couple of days of diving. In a minivan or station wagon, the smell of dank gear soon permeates throughout. With the wet gear confined to the trunk, the smell is greatly reduced.

Even in remote sites, those without a bench, gearing up is a possibility. Using the trunk opening, two people can still kit up.

Dodge Attitude staging doubles

The one downside with the compact car is loading the car takes a little more muscle. Doubles side by side is not the way to load. Stacking them is much easier.

This past trip, we did load 6 sets of doubles, 3 divers, and everyone’s gear into a Dodge Attitude. This taxed the suspension and made navigating rough roads interesting. However, we did dive.

While diving from a compact car is pretty good, the most impressive display of car packing belongs to a German couple. They dive the Yucatan every year, and it’s usually 2 SS scooters, a rebreather, sidemount, and multiple stages into an Economy car.

Hertz Rental Car in Cancun

Hertz in Cancun can be rough. At peak times, waits can easily be over an hour. Often, the car that you rent via Hertz.com will not be what you get at the airport.

If you’re fortunate, you will be upgraded to larger vehicle. Other times, you’ll get another car, “in the same class.”

This past trip, I was in Mexico for two weeks. The first week, I was by myself and rented a Compact car – a Dodge Attitude. The second week, I was diving with friends so rented a Mid-size car. After waiting 1.5 hours, I got another Dodge Attitude.

Here’s a comparison table that I put together:

Class Hertz.com CUN Airport
Economy Dodge Atos
Ford KA
Dodge Atos
Compact Nissan Aprio*
Dodge Attitude
Dodge Verna*
Fiat Palio*
Mid-Size Nissan Tiida*
Dodge Attitude
Fiat Aventure*
Dodge Attitude
Standard Nissan Sentra** n/a
Full-Size Dodge Avenger
Chrysler C300*
Chrysler PT Cruiser
Dodge Stratus
Mitsubishi Lancer*

* Never scene at Hertz in CUN
** Picture is of a PT Cruiser

Here’s the counter top placard at the Hertz in CUN airport:
Hertz CUN car selection