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Maui 2014

In September, we made a return trip to Maui.  We dove off Lanai for three days with Capt. Steve Juarez at Dive Maui Hawaiian Rafting Adventures.  This is our second trip with Steve, and we continued to have a great time – the boat and crew were fantastic.  When you’re on a boat for >30′ you can’t discount a stable and fast boat, and their custom dive boat was much appreciated.

Hawaii isn’t lush with tropical fish, but Lanai offers very interesting topography.

Looking Up

Steve finds octopus on many of the dives.

Steve and the Octopus

For my tropical trips, I’ve been using the UTD Z Sidemount system.  With the QC6 quickdisconnect, it’s easy to get in and out of the water.  In the water, sidemount really shines.

Posing by an Arch

At the 30′ stop