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DIR Equipment Configuration: Light Head

While Internet forums are filled with discussions on DIR/UTD equipment configuration, I typically ignore most of the banter. Often times, these threads end up as nit picks on fine details, but miss the overall goal and value of DIR. However, the best discussions are typically improvements or recommendations that enhance the way we dive.

Based on recent discussions, we updated our light head configuration with a double-ender and bungee overtop. This equipment configuration now successfully serves multiple purposes.

  1. Light can be clipped with head up on the D-ring
  2. Light can be clipped with head down on the D-ring
  3. Bungee provides convenient thumb loop
  4. Bungee allows for temporary holds of cookies/arrows
  5. Prevents Salvo lighthead from accidentally on unsnapping from the handle*

DIR Equipement Configuration: Light head

There’s a recent video on the UTD site about this DIR goodman handle light head configuration.

Equipment needed:

  1. Stainless steel double-ender
  2. 1/4″ bungee
  3. Cave line
  4. O-ring

*Personally, I think that if the Salvo clamp on the handle was a little bit longer, more of “C” shape instead of a “U” shape, it might make the accidental unsnapping a non-issue.

UTD Technical Diver 1 Class Photos

Some pictures taken during our Technical Diver 1 class. For the more details on our class, please see our Tech 1 class report.

Many late nights of studying beforehand with available materials and videos.

Drive-thru Starbucks, do we need to say more?

Elissa stands alone in the Breakwater parking lot on Friday morning.

Our uncooperative reel – the recipient of many one-handed “broken” signs.

Pt. Lobos, site of Day 2.
Pt. Lobos

Elissa tries to convince herself that diving is fun…

as she walks towards judgment day.
Walking towards AG

UTD Technical Diver 1 Class Report

Elissa and I just completed the UTD Technical Diver 1 class with Andrew Georgitsis.

At the end, the class made local diving more enjoyable for us. Elissa is more excited about MoCal waters than ever before. We both learned a good deal about ourselves and our team. And we picked up new techniques and refinements of existing ones.

Fun stats:

  • Number of times Don kills Elissa: 2
    • Don protests these kills, “Maybe endangered, but not kill.”
  • Number of times Elissa bends herself: 2
    • Elissa hasn’t popped to the surface since OW some 500 dives ago, but UTD 1 offers new and interesting ways to get oneself in trouble.
  • Successful attempts to run line with a Salvo reel: 0 of 3
    • After the second failure, Don emphatically states to Andrew: “We can run line.” Andrew responds matter of factly, “You show no capability of doing so.”
  • Number of simultaneous failures Don and Elissa can handle: 3
    • Add a fourth, and it’s not pretty. Future dive buddies beware.
  • Number of issues AG suffers throughout the weekend: 8
    • Ranging from chewed up harness to a flat tire.
  • Number of chicken fried steaks consumed at Black Bear Diner: 0.75
    • Even after being ravenous from a hard Day 2, we are unable to finish their large chicken fried steak. And we split the meal too.
  • Things Elissa has learned about herself: many
    • She has crappy trim.
    • She does not freak out when someone takes her mask (surprising).
    • She cannot run line in the ocean.
    • She likes diving helium.
    • One AG frog kicks equals three of her kicks.
  • Things Don has learned about himself: many
    • OW awareness requires more than lights. Constant checking required.
    • Basic arithmetic eludes him.
    • He likes cave diving, this OW stuff is rough sex.
    • Helium makes things pretty.
  • Funny moments:
    • Don comments to Elissa, “I was OOG and then I turned around and you suddenly didn’t have your mask.” Elissa deadpans, “Well, you’re right. I suddenly decided to volunteer my mask to Andrew.”
    • The number of times we gave the one handed gesture for “broken” underwater.
    • Kevin’s excitement and interpretation of our description of day 2, “But you’re smiling when you describe the failures so you must be having a good time.” Nervous laughter does not equal “fun.”
    • On the last day, Elissa says, “I love you, Don.” Don’s response, “No I love yous until you’re geared up.”
  • Interesting quotes:
    • “Tech diving is about recovering from mistakes and not being perfect.”
    • “So the surviving person can write a dive report on the internet…”
    • “Did we pass?”

See our UTD Tech 1 Class Photos.