From the back wall of Molokini to the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula, look scuba diving offers some of the world’s most spectacular sites.

We have been fortunate to dive around the world and meet the best people. If you have any questions on the areas that we have visited, please feel free to ask us.

Elissa in Maui

Monterey offers many adventures for divers who enjoy cold water. We are fortunate to have such a rich environment for local diving. In fact, we miss it greatly when we’re away on our tropical diving trips.

A good read for anyone interested in Monterey diving is Cold Water Kitty’s scuba blog.

Here are some videos at Del Monte Beach, taken with a Canon S50 and ambient lighting.



For those interested in finding the Amtrak (or Amtrack) and the Sailboat at Del Monte Beach. You can view our Del Monte Beach scuba dive map. Of course, improvements to the map are welcome, as this was a dive master project done years ago.

Solid diving, and we still haven’t visit Tubbataha. Like Thailand, scorpion fish were every where.

Anilao provides a variety of fish and noticable current. Apo Reef offers 100+ visibility, sheer walls, and abundant fish and coral life.

JR and ActiVentures spoiled us on our Philippine dive vacation. After diving Anilao for a couple of days, we boarded the M/Y Tristar live aboard for 3 days more of diving. During the entire stay, we were also accompanied by John and Vlad of Xdiving, and would scuba dive the Philippines with them any time.

Here is a video at Apo Reef, taken with a Canon S50 and ambient lighting.


Amazing, layered walls and reefs with varied and good amount of life.

While impressed with the diving in Cozumel, the cenotes of the Yucatan were simply mind boggling. By far the most spectacular diving that we have done to date. We can talk about the cenotes for hours on end, and when we close our eyes, this is what we dream of.

I wrote a detailed dive report on ScubaBoard – Cozumel dive trip report: Sea Urchin, Villas Ixchel, Diablo Divers. For scuba diving the cenotes, we highly recommend Dennis and Diablo Divers. An amazingly nice and conscientious guide.

Here is a video at Cedral Pass, taken with a Canon S50 and ambient lighting.


Our first great dive was the back wall of Molokini so we have great fondness of the Hawaiian islands.

2006 had us shore diving the Kona coast. While you need to wear thick soled boots, most entries are easy to make and diving was a lot of fun. Planning was made easy with Dick Dresie’s kona shore diving guide and’s kona shore diving sites list.

For Kona scuba diving boat dives, we highly recommend Keith and Dive Tek Hawaii. Professional and easy to dive with, they gave us a lot of flexibility in our plan and allowed us to stay down as long as we wanted.

Here are some videos of Kona, taken with a Canon S50 and ambient lighting.


Old Airport

Mile Marker 4

2007 we returned to Hawaiian islands by visiting Kauai. While the shore diving was okay, it was really the boat dives that stood out on
this trip. Our Kauai dive trip report.

Here are some videos of Kauai, taken with a Canon S50 and ambient lighting.

Hale o Honu

Niihau Arches

Niihai Monk seal

In 2009, we went back to Maui and here is our Maui dive report.

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